Guest Speaker Knowledge: Cole Haan

About the Company:

Founded by Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan in 1928, Cole Haan is built on American craftsmanship and ingenuity. We combine traditional methods, timeless style and modern innovations to create footwear and accessories for optimists of all ages. This company was started to make good things for people who make good things happen; it still does. 

Cole Haan recently returned to its roots as an independently owned company and is growing rapidly in the US and abroad, as people rediscover the value of quality goods made without compromises. It’s about time. 

We call New York City and Greenland, New Hampshire home, but you’ll find us everywhere. 

The Cole Haan brand is all about modernizing Trafton and Eddie’s legacy. The Cole Haan company is about enlisting like minded people who want to make good things happen.”

Today’s fashion industry is full of celebrity partnerships, but Cole Haan chose someone who might not have been your first thought for their latest Fall feature. Dree Hemingway is the face of their “History Begins Here” campaign, sighting her family’s legacy and how she is creating her own story today. Combining this young, free-spirited look while keeping a strong hold on the influences of the past seems to be what the Cole Haan company strives for with their brand as a whole. 

Get to know the Cole Haan brand through their many social media accounts:

Macy’s Guest Speaker Knowledge:

Macy’s offers an internship program that has a variety of different positions, ranging from Design, to Finance, to Visual to Marketing. They stress that you are a contributing team member from your first day in the internship program. Responsibilities differ depending on each position area, however all interns will have the opportunity for hands-on experience and the ability to interact with those in leadership positions at Macy’s.  

The Executive Development program also incorporates hands-onexperience in the area of your choice combined with a more in-depth education of the position. Check out this video to hear what some alumni of the program thought about it.

How do you start the process of applying for a position at Macy’s? Here’s a detailed plan for online or on-campus applications and the interview process.

For more information and more details about the many different internship and EDP positions check out The Macy’s Snapshots feature can give you a sneak peak into what the daily activities of the position you are looking into. (All photos in the post were found here.) You can also stay updated with the company’s programs by following @MacysCollege on Twitter.

Look into the position you are interested in before our guest speaker presentation so that you can ask them any questions you might have!!

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